Corfu island residences
Corfu island residences - Aerial picture of the seaside villas which can accomodate up to 18 guests.
Nice stone-paved Patio
Entrance to the Waterfront properties - Nice stone-paved Patio
Main waterfront villa, happy Hour time with romantic Sunset.
Main waterfront villa - It's happy hour time with a romantic sunset!
Olive Grove villa - veranda next to the rooms
Olive Grove villa - Relax on the veranda in front of your room whilst children play on the beachfront area.
Round studio - fireplace in front of king sized bed
Round studio - Fireplace in front of the king size bed
Boston Whaler, motor boat
Boston Whaler, motor boat - The Boston whaler M/B is one of many boats that you can rent in Agia Pelagia
The only 450 m. waterfront property in Kerkyra for up to 24 guests! Agia Pelagia - Corfu Tel. +30 210 42 92 211

Waterfront Villas (16 guests)

Waterfront villa

Enjoy your own space and privacy in plenty of room for family or big groups fun in the two waterfront residences.

The main waterfront villa with 2 personal guesthouses are conceived to host and serve multi-generational families. These fully equipped whitewashed units, offer breath-taking vistas, and your own beach access.

22 500 € + VAT per week during July and August.

Olive Grove Villa (8 guests)

Olivegrove villa

This villa boasts the serene calm of the olive groves among which it lies.

The Olive Grove Villa is smaller than the Waterfront villas, this villa is ideal for medium sized families and smaller groups of friends. Situated in the heart of the olive groves, it is also the ideal place for groups who prefer to be at a short distance from the sea and its noise.

11 900 € + VAT per week during July and August.

Round Studio (2 guests)

Round Studio

Here you and your partner can enjoy care-free days and nights of intimacy.

The emerald green sea gently laps the beach a few steps away, and all around you, groves of splendid gnarled centuries-old olive trees isolate you from the rest of the world. Spend romantic evenings in the exquisitely designed studio lit by the soft blaze of the fireplace.

2100 € + VAT per week during July and August.