The only 450 m. waterfront property in Kerkyra for up to 24 guests! Agia Pelagia - Corfu Tel. +30 210 42 92 211

Round studio

Round studio. View of the sea.
Round studio. Colourful Hamac to revitalise your naps.
Round studio. Full view of the inside: fireplace, kitchen, shower and w.c.
Round studio. Fan ceiling light.
Round studio. King sized bed. Fireplace.
Round studio. Olive groves. Sea.
Round studio. In the middle of the olive groves.
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Overview & Location

Staying in the Round Studio (a few miles away from Corfu Town and on the picturesque Bay of Boukari) tucked away from the other villas, is a wonderful experience for those looking to combine holiday and romance.

Though it is usually rented along with the Olive Grove Villa so as to allow some privacy for the young couple of the family or group of people, it can also be rented alone. It is the ideal place to stay for newlyweds and couples.

You’ll feel like Robinson Crusoe in the Round Studio. The emerald green sea gently laps the pebble beach a few steps away, and all around you groves of splendid gnarled centuries-old olive trees isolate you from the rest of the world. Have no fears for comfort, the spacious stone-walled Round Studio is fully equipped with kitchenette, en-suite bathroom, a superb fireplace and a king-size bed.

Here you and your partner can enjoy care-free days and nights of intimacy, foraying out to join your family and friends on the waterfront or swimming alone. You’ll love spending hours under the olive trees, resting in the colorful hammock in front of the studio, followed by romantic evenings and dinners lit by the soft blaze of the fireplace.


  • Surface of the Round studio = 43 sq. m.
  • 30 m from the sea
  • King-size Bed
  • Fully equipped kitchenette
  • En-suite Shower/WC
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Ceiling Fan

Special notes

Children Leisure Safety

Although all children safety norms are respected, any accident that would happen to them due to their supervisor’s negligence or absence of surveillance remains the parents’ sole responsibility.

Pets policy

All pets are welcome on the property upon notice.


Since the Round Studio is next to the sea, there is no need for air-conditioning in it. A ceiling fan has been installed in the middle of the Studio. If however having air-conditioning on the premises is a must-have for you, we can offer you that service and install a portable air-conditioning unit on demand.